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Meet the Team


Gabriel Eggen


As a motorcycle enthusiast since childhood, Gabe is driven by his love for motorcycles leading to the acquisition of the dealership in 2011. He has honed his riding skills over the years, mastering techniques and pushing the limits making him a trusted advisor in the industry. With a creative entrepreneurial mindset, he successfully transformed our shop into a thriving hub. In addition to being a phenomenal rider, Gabe thrives on innovation, finding unique solutions to challenges, and consistently drives his team in pursuit of excellence in both their professional and personal environments.

Stephanie Shea

General Manager

Stephanie is a skilled professional who takes pride in leading her team to success. With a strong background in management and a passion for fostering a positive work environment, she inspires her team members to achieve their full potential. Outside of work she is an outdoor enthusiast finding rejuvenation in nature. Additionally, she enjoys time spent with her daughter exploring and creating lasting memories.

Anne Castles

Admin Assistant

As the newest member of our team, Anne is a great fit in our dealership and is enthusiastic about learning the motorcycle industry. She ensures the back end of our dealership operates smoothly contributing to the overall success of our team. Finding solace in the outdoors, Anne enjoys hiking and ocean adventurers. She also creates ample time to spend with her grandson nurturing their bond.


Wyatt Price

Sales Manager


Sales Rep

Parts and Accessories

Matt Bowers

Parts Manager

Meet our Parts Manager, Matt. Highly skilled with expertise in motorcycle parts fitment, Matt is also humble with a friendly demeanor ready to help. Outside of work, Matt enjoys spending quality time with his family creating memories. With his passion for riding motorcycles and his side by side, Matt harmonizes his personal hobbies with his work capabilities promoting the enjoyment of both.

Daniel Peak

Parts Specialist

William Elison

Parts Specialist


Jeff Koester

Service Manager

Eric Collier

Service Technician

Larry Perger

Service Technician

Robert Willingham

Service Technician